Dating And Meeting A Single Parent’s Children

Dating a single parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences, and may even have more benefits and rewards than dating another single who is childless. However, there are many things that you must consider, and many precautions that must be taken before you involve a child in your and your partner’s relationships. If you are thinking of starting a relationship with a single parent and will eventually start meeting a single parent’s children, then the tips below will be invaluable in helping you build a long-lasting bond not only with your partner but with their child as well.

Dating A Single Parent

When you first begin to date an individual who is a single parent, some basic guidelines should be followed to provide the best results. First of all, before meeting a single parent’s children, you should always ensure that the relationship remains non-sexual. If you are not comfortable enough with each other to meet your partner’s children, then you certainly should not be participating in sexual intercourse. Also, single parents tend to be labeled falsely as being easy, and by not pursuing a sexual relationship you are letting your partner know how much you care for them and respect them.

You should also go out of your way to compliment a single parent who you are dating. This enables them to build self-esteem at a time when theirs’ may be the lowest. They often go out of their way to look their best when jumping back into the dating game, and by acknowledging this you are banking some major points with them.

Meeting A Single Parent’s Children

If you have been dating a single parent for some time, and you both feel that it is time for meeting the children, then there are some very important factors to consider. When meeting a single parent’s children it is important to not represent yourself as a tyrant or authoritarian right away. If you choose to do that you will more than likely alienate yourself from them forever.

Another rule to follow is to not sleepover in the very beginning. This can be a step that is often misread by children, and it can often lead to trouble. For instance, smaller children may take it as a sign that you are staying forever and it may further upset and confuse them should the relationship end. Older children interpret your sleepover as purely for sex, and this can cause resentment or anger among them.
Dating and meeting a single parent’s children can be a rewarding experience for both you and your partner if the right measures are taken. It is not always an easy road when dating someone with children, but if you are willing to stick things out, you may find that you have one of the most meaningful and positive relationships in your life.

Electrical Pollution And Children

When a parent has information they make better common sense parenting decisions concerning their children. The following information will be the first time some of you have ever heard how these affect the body – but these all will affect the body and mind and it can affect individuals from having a Healthy Life Span.

The following information is extremely important for your and your child’s health:

We are all electrical beings. Our heart requires an electrical impulse to beat, our brains send out electrical signals that we can measure with an EEG (electroencephalogram).

The constant bombardment of electrical pollution, specifically radio frequencies from cordless, wireless, cell phones, and cell towers is a growing health concern for many reasons. Fat and water absorb radio frequencies and your children’s bodies are fat and water so consequently they absorb radiation easily. Exposure to EMF and radiofrequency radiation at critical stages of development in a child can be detrimental to the health of the child and their future offspring.

Limit you and your children’s exposure to EMF radiation for a Healthy Life Span. EMF exposure can impact the immune system, neurological system, and the development of cancers. High EMF exposure has been associated with childhood leukemia, breast cancer, and miscarriage. It has also been found to reduce melatonin levels.

Radiofrequency fields have been associated with cognitive impairment and memory loss, changes in brain waves, and changes in cell division.

Dirty electricity-high frequencies flowing along electrical wires have effects:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Impaired sleep
  • Memory loss.

Some simple parenting tips to avoid any of the effects of all the electric, magnetic, and radiofrequency try to eliminate as much as possible around the home environment and outside. Put little covers on the electrical plugs in your living areas. Keep radios across the room when sleeping (at least over 3 feet) or more. I do not have a TV – but if you do have a TV – keep 1 in a closed room and only watch a limited amount a week. HD TV is not good for children’s brain development.

As a parent, we all want the absolute best for our children, and taking precautions to limit exposure in these areas is especially important in early formative years. Try one month without all the electrical frequency inside your own home and see how what kind of difference it makes in you and your children.

Ethnical Trends In Single Parenting

Just like in many other aspects of life, there is are clearly defined ethnic trends in single parenting. These trends lend themselves to some surprising statistics about the outcome of female children who are raised in single-parent households and can cause stereotypical racism towards those ethnic races who tend to have more single parents than others. Many things can be done to overcome such racisms and continue to raise your child or children in the best manner possible no matter what your ethnic heritage might be.

Ethnic Trends In Single Parenting

One of the most noticeable trends in single parenting is the difference in the percentage of men versus women. The single parents of the United States are made up primarily of 90’% women and 10% men. This is a drastic difference, and the majority of men who are single parents are due mainly to the death of a spouse, and not by the ending of a relationship.

According to a study by Bumpass and McLanahan, the following statistics have been gathered. Another one of the most noticeable trends in single parenting is the number of African American households with only one parent versus the Caucasian and Asian ones. An astonishing 32% of the single-parent households in the United States are headed by an African American woman, while only 8 % are Caucasian and 7% are Asian. Consequently, African American women face the most social criticism for their decisions or situations.

The Effects Of Trends In Single Parenting

In addition to the basic statistical data regarding ethnicity, there are also statistics on how the female children of single-parent households are affected by the absence of their father. The daughters of single mothers exhibit the following behaviors when it comes to their relationship and marriage decisions.

  • 111% chance of becoming pregnant as a teenager
  • 92% of developing marital problems of their own
  • 164% chance of having a child out of wedlock
  • 53% chance of getting married as a teenager

There are many theories as to why teenage girls of a single-parent home exhibit the above behaviors, but most of them revolve around filling the void that was caused by the lack of a father figure growing up. There is also a greater need to be needed and wanted from those females who grew up in single-parent households, and a child of their own is a way to feed such a need.

What Can Be Done?

Regardless of what your ethnicity is and whether not you are male or female, there are several things that you can do to ensure that your single parenting experience ends up in the best manner possible.

Seeking counseling as soon as possible for not only you but your child as well will eliminate most of the behaviors that are caused by confusion and resentment from the absence of a parent, especially in female children. Constant communication with your child or children is also essential to stay assessed of their needs and of any situations they may be going through.

Taking care of yourself as a parent is one of the best things that can be done to make sure that your children grow up happy and healthy too. If your children grow up seeing a strong and emotionally healthy parent they will be more likely to make mature decisions as well, instead of falling into the same traps that you did.

While there are clear ethnic trends in single parenting, the experience had by all races and genders are the same for the most part. As long as the children’s needs are assessed and the proper steps are taken, you can ensure that both you and your child thrive in a single-parent household.