NRIs have always been contributing either directly or indirectly for various social welfare & charitable activities in their native village/town. This section is to highlight such projects/contributions which were previously completed. Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to showcase and set example of such previous projects. This helps to build awareness and encourage others. Please send us an email with the information to

How can you help?
    You can donate monthly towards speech and physiotherapist through recurring donations. You could make your donations through Asha for Education, a fedarally tax-exempt organization as per IRS 501(c). So, all contributions are eligible for tax deduction.

Project Details:

    Spandana strives to mainstream children with disabilities (CWDs). Many of these children are orphans and most are unable to go through the basic routine of a day without considerable help. In addition to speech and physical therapy, it provides food, shelter and clothing to more than 40 physically challanged children.

Key Contributions:

    Most of the NRIs living especially in western countries could easily compare the kind of facilities and life a mentally/physically challenged person get there when compared to India. For a country with over 1.2 billion population, you hardly would see options/places that offer any kind of care to such people. Raji Muppala, an NRI living in Kansas (USA), has been helping to sustain and develop this home since 2009. Instead of just contributing some money like most, she has been coordanating the fund raising, planning and monitoring the execution of various activities working through Asha for Education. She has been instrumental in realizing the dream of own building, getting faculty and equipment for rehabilitation. Her dedicated contributions were recognized by Sprint, the company she works for, through the Community Leadership Award presented by Dan Hesse (CEO of Sprint in 2012).